Filled with Nutritional Grains

The last few decades have seen a huge increase in processed & packaged foods, both globally and specifically in the Asian subcontinent. Growing economies and increasing disposable income offer enormous opportunities in consumer product categories, especially in foods. At the same time, there is a growing awareness about the need for wholesome, nutritious foods ingredients within processed foods, due to the danger of silent epidemics such as obesity.

Across the world, stakeholders are trying to mitigate the risk of ill-effects of preservatives and other added artificial ingredients. In India as well, FSSAI is becoming stricter and more watchful about the standard of hygiene in processed foods manufacturing.

At Kveller, we assume the responsibility of contributing our bit towards this endeavour by offering genuinely healthy & innovative snacking options, keeping the nutritional values & all the natural goodness of ingredients very much intact. Therefore, we are happy and proud to introduce an innovative, healthy snacking range for our brand Kveller, which means ‘a happy and proud feeling’ in Hebrew.

Yes, you read it right- the very idea of starting Kveller was formed to cater to the healthy cravings of all. With rising positivism in fitness, we all have become more cautious about our diet and eating habits, and what we want is to serve nutritious treats at their best with our yummy multigrain popped chips, energy balls and other exciting products.


Kveller is the medley of both tasty snacks and a healthy & fit lifestyle. We have made our products with a lot of love and quality ingredients. Oh yes, we would like to repeat the words, ” quality ingredients”, it does not contain just a little of it, but it offers the best of what is being promised


We make all our products by maintaining the proper hygiene & standards at our state-of-art manufacturing unit in Pune, the buzzling metro in the Western province of Maharashtra in India. Keveller products are manufactured with utmost love & care and are packed in nitrogen-flushed pouches, so that they stay as fresh as possible when you consume it.

Kveller Multigrain Popped Chips ensures to make your lifestyle vivacious with the mouth-watering taste which comes guilt-free.Our snacks are filled with millets like jowar, bajra and new-age grains like quinoa, oats and buckwheat. It gives you the combination of both tradition and new-age trends.

We do not add any harmful artificial ingredients, preservatives, etc. which would dilute the benefits of Ingredients. It also does not contain any added sugar which makes it an obvious choice.

So here we are with a lot of variety and a lot of love accompanied by quality ingredients which are minimally processed to give you a healthy lifestyle.

We use innovative technology which retains the natural goodness of the ingredients, in order to produce the best and nothing less.

By providing the world-class quality and by maintaining international standards we aim to create the best to offer.


Go grab your Kveller now and feel fitter, healthier & Happier!