Kveller products are made with simple, natural ingredients. If you are an allergy sufferer please check the ingredients list and allergy advice on pack. We try to minimise the number of allergens in our products, but from time to time recipes may change so please do check packaging for up to date information.

Yes,all our products are gluten free which is also mentioned in our packs.

Kveller means happy and proud feeling which our products will definitely deliver it to you.

Our multigrain chips are purely healthy and tasty as it is non fried and made up of popping technology which retains the nutrition properties of grains like
millets,oats,rice,quinoa etc

That’s what they want you to think. but we’re able to pop up the flavor without any oil in the popping process. when we season them, we just use a bit of interesterified vegetable fat so popped chips have all the flavor, and half the fat of regular fried chips. which means you won’t have to wipe your greasy chip fingers on your jeans.

Yes kids will absolutely love all our products range as our products maintains the perfect balance of taste and health required for the kids.

Our products can be consumed anytime throughout the day.

Yes, For us Hygiene comes first. Our factory perform proper hygiene practice of the labours and the machines.

Yes, of course, we would love to deliver bulk quantities as per you requirement.

We would deliver your products in 3-5 business days depending upon the availability.