Ideal Multigrain Snacks

Kveller brand manufactures multigrain and popped chips which are non fried, so much on it without any guilt.

Minimally Processed

We make our product with very simple and minimum processes hence retaining the nutritional values & benefits of all unique ingredients.


All Kveller products are made with traditional as well new age superfood multigrains like Brown Rice , Ragi, Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat by imparting enormous health quotient.


Most of grains used in Kveller Mutligrain Popped Chips are gluten free , so it's free from all worries of Gluten intolerance.

Anytime Anywhere

Kveller Multigrain Popped Chips are packed in a nitrogen flushed pouches keeping all the freshness of chips with its taste, flavour and crispness intact throughout. So its easy to splurge on, whenever & wherever you crave for.


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